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aerobatic Biplane
Marshall Friedman Model 12
Marshall Friedman's model 12 is coming right along. Currently, it is in the fabric covering stage and will soon begin the build up and then color coats. Marshall chose to work with Mirco Percorari of Aircraft Studio Design for h...
aerobatic Biplane
David Frasca Model 12
David Frasca purchased his HP Pitts Model 12 kit some time back. He made good progress on it until family life and work began to require more of his time. He opted to have JKE complete his Pitts Model 12.

David has pick...
Vertical Unltld, LLC
Aerobatic Biplane
12S II
The BEAST is now completed and delivered. Bryan Jensen took delivery of the airplane March 27, 2009. The BEAST was designed and built with 2 goals in mind. Light weight and high thrust. Not only these 2 points, but it had to look ...
Aerobatic Biplane
Model 12S II
Ti-12 is now completed and delivered. Karl Engelke took delivery of the airplane Jan 18, 2009. Ti-12 was designed and built with 2 goals in mind. Light weight and high thrust. Not only these 2 points, but it had to look awesom...
Buddy Moman
Aerobatic Biplane
Pitts S1-D
Buddy Moman spent a fair amount of his spare time over the past 11 years collecting and building parts for this fun version of Curtis Pitts' S1.  This one is a "D" model which designates it as having M-6 airfoi...
Jim Kimball Ent.
Aerobatic Biplane
Pitts Model 12
Tom Kampel N360TK
In 2002, Tom Kampel visited JKE to see N80JR, John Ross' Pitts Model 12 which had just been completed.  A couple of years later, Tom decided to have his custom Pitts Model 12 built by JKE.  Initially, the colors were to ...
Jim Kimball Ent
Aeroobatic Biplane
Model 12S
The Python is a special version of the Pitts Model 12.  Known as the Model 12S, the Python is a very light weight, single seat airplane with large ailerons and special tail feathers.  Weight reduction of 150lb was accomp...
Jim Kimball Ent.
Custom Design
Kimball McCullocoupe

Late in 2000, John and Kevin got together to 'doodle out' what an M14P powered clipwing-ish airplane would or could look like. Yes, it does resemble the 110 Special and Jim Younkin's Mullicoupes, but it is a design all its own ...

J. Eicher K.Kimball
Replica Racer
Gee Bee Z
Gee Bee Z

This is a full size exact replica of the Granville Brothers Gee Bee Model Z from 1931.  The original airplane was victorious in 5 races at the 1931 National Air Races in Ohio after taking only 5 weeks and $5000.00 to const...

Aeobatic biplane
Pitts S2S
Pitts Viper
The Viper started life in 1981 as a homebuilt Pitts S2S from factory kits.  When converting it to the Viper configuration, the basic airframe was beefed up and improved with the installation of a new tail and Wolf Pro 4 wings...
Opus Motorsports
Aerobatic biplane
Bulldog II
Bulldog II is a highly modified Pitts S2S.  Numerous structural improvements were made to the airframe to help withstand the extreme loads experienced in airshow flying.  Wings were built by Wolf Aircraft to Opus Motorsp...