Late in 2000, John and Kevin got together to 'doodle out' what an M14P powered clipwing-ish airplane would or could look like. Yes, it does resemble the 110 Special and Jim Younkin's Mullicoupes, but it is a design all its own specifically for the M14P series engine! The McCullocoupe Was born!!!!! Jim Kimball gave it it's name after having a great phone conversation with an overly excited John McCulloch.

The airplane is slightly larger than a 110 special with a cabin wide enough for 2 people rather than only 1 1/2 people. The wing is 2 piece rather than one and is fully ply sheeted and incorporates Curtis Pitts' aerodynamically boosted aileron technology. Tail sizing is improved over the 110 special.

John has decided to go for the M14PF engine of 400hp!!! MT is making a special 3 bladed prop for the McCullocoupe that will be optimized for cruise while still having great acro performance. The Gear is the same spring aluminum unit as used on the Pitts Model 12 hidden inside a large fairing. The firewall forward, including the cowling, are borrowed from the Pitts Model 12 as well.

Photos by Tom Drake


Jim Kimball Ent.
Custom Design
Kimball McCullocoupe
John McCulloch in the the McCullocoupe (left) and Bill Symmes in his Clipwing Monocoupe (right) make a fly by together.
Heading out to go do it again!
Take off and climbing fast!